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1. Selection of high power LED, light intensity is high, long service life.
2. Cold light source, less heat and a long time of use.
3. Beautiful, and has excellent heat transfer.
4. A veriety of work mode options: 1.light mode; 2. gradually light mode; 3. pulse mode
5. Automatic shutdown, low-power alarm
6. Digital display work time, time can be in 5-40 seconds according to customers need continuous adjustable
7. Sleep screensavers function, saving power.

8. Automatic memory function-automatic save last job when the function and the number of seconds.


1. Original imported big power LED, two stypes of power: 5W, 7W to choose
2. Digital LED display, Four kind of time: 10,20,30,40 seconds to choose
3. Brightness: 5W: ≥1400mW/cm2
               7W: ≥1700mW/cm2
4. Three types of power to choose: A:Li-battery power; B: AC110-240V power; C: DC24V
5. A variety of altermative work patterns:
   A: Strong light B: Gradually bright C: Pulse
6. Automatic shutdown, low-power waring

7. Sleep function, saving battery.

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