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  Company Overview
SHINOVA, based in Shanghai China, is a professional healthcare service provider and total solution designer for the hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research organizations, academies and pet hospitals around the world.
Strongly focused on the products design, manufacture, sale and service, Shinova enables technology innovation and pursues technology excellence in all its forms. From health care, laboratory to veterinary field, we take great efforts to provide a broad range of high quality products and services to the clients. Widely recognized for its excellent customer service and highly competitive prices, Shinova has gradually formed the three major business groups –Medical, Laboratory, Veterinary– serve more than 160 countries and regions worldwide, including hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, research institutes, animal clinics, as well as government and other organizations.
Since 2005, Shinova has made two efficient breakthroughs in managing modes:
One is to pay attention to providing the integrated solutions, package purchase and project management for the new hospitals, medical centers and clinics.
The other is to participate in the bids that called by UN (United Nations), WHO (World Health Organization), WB (World Bank) and the international aid by developed countries.
The two sectors have already become a very important profits source of the whole business in recent years.
We Care, You Care, All In Health. We’re looking forward to building the long-term strategic partnership with more partners and clients with full sincerity around the world.
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